The Solution to Piracy

by chromatic

I've been out of the music industry for a decade, but every so often I look into it again. The decision makers haven't improved since I stopped caring ten years ago, and they're not any smarter.

The current bugaboo isn't the cassette tape anymore, but piracy.

There's really an easy solution. If losses due to piracy are as high as industry organizations claim, the economics will eventually make this solution feasable.

Stop shipping physical products via the sea.

Now if I were in charge, I'd address the ease of digital distribution of music and the potential for copyright infringement, but apparently armed robbery at sea is more important.


2007-05-03 22:15:56
i wanted to be a pirate once. bought a parrot, but couldnt take the poop on my shoulder.

now i'm into pillaging. viking is where its at.

2007-06-06 16:49:08
hello this sight really didnt help me with my school work on music piracy!!!! you should put more things on there about this issue!!!!!
2007-06-07 20:19:22
i agree Jess!!
2007-06-07 20:19:35
i agree Jess!!
2007-07-30 07:38:01
What's the point here... There is nonw
2007-08-11 11:53:27
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