MacSafari-WebKit : The Squeaky Wheel Get's The XPathEvaluator

by M. David Peterson

Update: As per a quick reply back from Manos, I should clarify that the thanks to Manos was for the email to let me know about this, but as he points out, the real thanks for the development must be directed towards the OpenDarwin developers.


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via a private email thread from Manos (Emmanouil Batsis, developer of the Sarissa project, to the four of you who read this and don't know who Manos is... Don't worry, if not in person, eventually you will come to love Manos just like the rest of us do, as each and every time you don't have to deal with 4 different ways to do the exact same thing in each major browser supported by Sarissa, a little bit of love grows in your heart.

With as much as I hack on browser-based XML code, there's a lot of love in this heart of mine for Manos :D (NOTE: For the record, the non-phreaky, appreciation kind of love :)

So here's the scoop:

Bug 6638 - Support Mozilla's XPathEvaluator object.

XPath implementation patch 2006-05-04 12:12 PDT 790.60 KB none Edit | Diff
Just the test cases patch 2006-05-04 13:25 PDT 606.03 KB darin: review
Edit | Diff
Implementation patch 2006-05-04 13:27 PDT 185.70 KB none Edit | Diff
Misc fixes patch 2006-05-04 14:30 PDT 192.99 KB none Edit | Diff
Cleanup of misc fixes patch patch 2006-05-04 16:54 PDT 209.16 KB none Edit | Diff
Incorporate changes patch 2006-05-05 01:37 PDT 192.04 KB macdome: review-
Edit | Diff
New iteration patch 2006-05-05 07:57 PDT 190.59 KB darin: review-
Edit | Diff
Address Darin's comments patch 2006-05-08 01:43 PDT 200.81 KB darin: review
Edit | Diff
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Today I smile just a little bit bigger than normal (which is pretty big on any given day anyway, so to push it much further requires news like the above. :)

Thanks Manos! (NOTE: I wonder what this could mean in regards to new, integrated support for this via Sarissa... Guess time (and/or Manos) will tell :D