The story of how a cable tech incinerated a Powerbook

by Bruce Stewart

Last month, Andrew at wrote an intriguing post about one of his customer's Powerbooks getting literally fried by a botched cable modem service call. After a rash of questions and doubtful comments he's now posted all the grisly details, with photos, in MacInferno Part II: The full story of how the cable company incinerated my Powerbook.


If you like seeing toasted hardware, it's worth checking out. I've had my own experiences with inept cable technicians before, but this one definitely takes the cliche to a whole new level.


Ace Fury
2006-12-16 08:10:23
I did see the original story but until I see photos of the roof top connection to the electrical I have my doubts. I don't understand why no photos of the other end. ???