The Sunday after BSDCan

by Dru Lavigne

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The Sunday after BSDCan, those that are still in town head off for yet another massive feast at a local breakfast establishment.

After some more goodbyes, Dan Langille took some of the conference attendees to the Museum of Science and Technology. When I was last in New York City, one of the NYCBug members took myself and Robert for a walking tour of Manhatten so we had promised to return the favour with a walking tour of Ottawa. We also found that Beth Lynn's flight was around the same time as his so we packed up everyone's luggage and started our tour.

After stopping at a local tourist store to stock up on maple syrup, Inuit carvings and maple sugar candy, we headed over to Parliament Hill. The previously rainy weekend transformed itself into a clear blue sky, some sunshine and a light breeze which complemented the buildings, green grass and thousands of tulips. (BSDCan coincides with Ottawa's yearly tulip festival) A leisurely stroll took us to Parliament's cat house, the path along the Rideau Canal, up to the National gallery and we had just enough time to step onto the Alexandria Bridge and gaze towards Quebec.

The concensus? If you're planning on attending BSDCan next year, book an extra day off to tour this beautiful town. Both agreed that it was a very peaceful end to a very good weekend. And it looks like next year's guided tour will include a trip to Quebec and a drive through Gatineau Parc. Hope to see you there.