The tag team Carbon combination from hell

by Giles Turnbull

One largely unreported snippet that emerged during Macworld week was that Tinderbox now ships with a bundled copy of Yojimbo.

But why? Why does a hugely powerful text/database environment like Tinderbox need something like Yojimbo alongside it? What’s the benefit for Tinderbox users?

This morning, I watched Merlin Mann doing one of his excellent interviews for, in which he (jokingly) described the two apps as “the tag team carbon combination from hell”. The point of the bundle is that Yojimbo is designed to make importing information very easy indeed. The idea is that it’s so easy to import stuff, you don’t need to stop and think about the process, you just do it. If something is too complicated, if it requires thought, people just won’t use it.

For the purposes of this software bundle, Yojimbo is supposed to act as an inbox for Tinderbox. It’s easier to get new data into Yojimbo than it is to get it into Tinderbox. But Tinderbox does a better job of organising data, and making sense of it in the long term.

I wanted to know more about the thinking behind this bundle, so I got hold of Eastgate’s Mark Bernstein on iChat to ask him a few questions...


2007-01-15 19:13:47
I am a pritty disorganized guy. as i got into computers and, particularly Linux (highschool) i started becomming more organized. I was modeling my organization style (foulders in my backpack to binders) after the unix foulder structure. I started after I discovered what all the like named folders (/bin /usr/bin /usr/local/bin) are for. this was coming from windows as my first up to date computer. (i had some dos machine and was given an LCII in 8th) I have yet to see the use of any such program for organizational purpose and im a sophomore with ADD. i just use the alarm on my phone to get to classes on time and my iPod to keep track of schedules appointments and assignment due dates. estimating necessary time for completion of assignments is the bain of my existence. could programs like these help me? as soon as i saw the screen cast for adornments, midway through i left the website for tinderbox, i've seen many other mindmapping programs and i have yet to understand their usage. what is their purpose? how do they help?