The TIA and DMCA are philosophies

by Harold Martin

The DMCA seems to grant new powers to companies every day. DVDs and DVD players, links, sale prices, internet filters all seem to be the province of this wide reaching legislation.

The DMCA, like most laws, are reflective of the thoughts of those in power (and by power I don't just mean government officials, but also large corporations).

The only problem with the DMCA (from their perspective) is that it only covers online activities. That still doesn't stop the RIAA from suing college students who run legitimateLANs used to trade files.

But that's not enough power, apparently. The PATRIOT act and the Total Information Awareness system aim to allow unprecedented surveillence in the "real world" as well as online.

Are you starting to see the trend? The US has imprisoned those who they simply suspect to have ties to terrorism (in apparent violation of Ammendment IV of the Bill of Rights).

The trend is clear. There is never too much power. As bad as the DMCA is, I fear that it was more or a less a test. A test to see how much the American people would allow their liberties to be taken online (look for a forthcoming blog on this topic). A test of what the Supreme Court would allow.

What do you think? Is there a trend toward increased power? What can be done?


2003-04-07 17:25:46
trend towards increased power
no, of course there is no trend towards increased power. you are obviously paranoid. stop writing such garbage and get back to watching joe millionaire.