The Top Companies Contributing to F/OSS (as seen in Debian GNU/Linux)

by chromatic

The nearly 300-page Economic Impact of FLOSS on Innovation and Competitiveness of the EU ICT Sector report (warning, large PDF file) will take some time to review and digest. Meanwhile, the report's table on the largest commercial contributions to F/OSS caught my eye.

With a review of the code in Debian GNU/Linux through the Constructive Cost Model (that is, COCOMO), the top contributor by far is Sun. That's a nice confirmation of Sun's claim to be the largest contributor to F/OSS. IBM provides the next largest amount of contributions.

It's interesting to see SGI, SAP, and Real Networks in the top ten.

It's even more interesting to see that smaller, newer companies such as Red Hat, MySQL, and Ximian are in the list. (That's a good sign that they contribute disproportionately to their size; their influence is much greater than that of many larger companies.)

See pages 48 - 51 of the report for more information.


2007-01-29 18:32:15
Ximian should read "Novell" as Ximian was acquired by Novell in Aug of '03.

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