The Twelve Days of Alpha Geekness

by Steve Mallett

All sincere apologies to the author of Twelve Days of Chrsitmas.

On the first day of Alpha Geekness Linus gave to me.. the Linux Kernel so I can keep Microsoft from taking all the rest of my gifts.

On the second day of Alpha Geekness Apple gave to me.. an ibook with an airport card. But I'm still bogged down in sound and power cables.

On the third day of Alpha Geekness the Trott's gave to me.. Movable Type so I could 'blog the next nine days of Alpha Geekness.

On the fourth day of Alpha Geekness Google gave to me.. Google'ing to check my blog's rank on the mighty Google (I still suck).

On the fifth day of Alpha Geekness WarChalking gave to me.. wireless access from community minded folks not terrorists you damn fools at the FBI!

On the sixth day of Alpha Geekness Apple gave to me.. an ipod so I can drown out The Twelve Days of Christmas.

On the seventh day of Alpha Geekness gave to me.. a free, free, free, Dimitry.

On the eighth day of Alpha Geekness slashdot gave to me.. a slashdotting the took down my database and spanked my server like the little brat that it is.

On the ninth day of Alpha Geekness Jon Johanson gives to me DeCSS, but frankly who'd want to make copies of the crap Hollywood shleps anyway. It's bad enough it exists in the first place. Free Jon, too!

On the tenth day of Alpha Geekness Bruce Perens gave HP.. the boot.

On the eleventh day of Alpha Geekness Mozilla gave to me.. version 1.0. Finally.

On the twelth day of Alpha Geekness Lindows gave to me... Not that I'd buy one. I mean, the machines are way cool & are going to give winboxes a run for the money in the long run, but no I'd never, I mean, yeah they're cool and on sale a Walmart and all...

Have I forgotten something?