The Two Things About LAMP

by Jonathan Wellons

I don't know if you've seen The Two Things Meme, but apparently if you ask an expert what the two things you really need to know in her discipline are, she'll think for a minute and come up with them. But, other experts all come up with different pairs!

Glen Whitman maintains many pairs of The Two Things about Computer Science and programming in general (Jump Link to his Computer section), but nobody appears to have asked the question specifically about LAMP (0 results as of today).

So, what are The Two Things to keep in mind for LAMP?


Ben Happe
2007-04-10 18:14:25
It's free
It's expensive (in time, etc.)
Alex Mauldin
2007-04-11 16:36:51
Configuration is everything to save work later.

Know your bash commands.