The Ultimate Linux Career Challenge

by Carla Schroder

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There you are all bright-eyed and eager, ready to roll up your sleeves and go to work in the exciting new world of Free/Open Source software. You have rosy visions of getting paid to do enjoyable, challenging work. Maybe even fat stock options...

You can't count on fat stock options, because they are just as hard to come by as they are in any profession, but getting paid to do enjoyable, challenging work is exciting all by itself, and quite probable in the FOSS world. While the FOSS world is vast and diverse, there are three arenas that I think offer the most opportunities:


2005-11-15 19:02:15
I give up... what are the three areas?
2005-11-15 19:53:02
Mystery revealed
It would appear we have to click on the URL at the opening of the article in order to unravel the mystery of what comes after the colon...
2005-11-22 14:23:11
OSS careers
I find OSS very interesting as it not only is a career for the programmer but it can also play into other traditional technical careers. I am an Industrial Engineer and I find OSS very useful because it gives me a lot more power to develop then does commercial choices.

I would really be interested in an article about "being your own boss" types of opportunities.

2005-11-23 10:35:09
OSS careers

Funny you should ask!

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Even though the headlines target women, the articles are applicable to anyone.