The Verizon patents that VoIP has to overcome

by Andy Oram

If you've been snapping up every news item you can find on the Verizon/Vonage patent fight, as I have, and you've been wondering why nobody actually talks about the patents themselves, telephony tech expert Fred Goldstein may have an explanation in this posting. The validty of the patents weren't an issue in the recent case, but they will become an issue on appeal. From Fred's posting you can see what he thinks of them.


2007-04-06 14:10:26
I read your link to the posting of the patents and they should be thrown out too. It is nothing more that DNS server that translates the phone number of the person and routing details to where to connect. The patents are based on technology and software that has been around for along time and should be thrown out.

I am not a customer of either company but this software patent stuff is getting out of control