The Viberavetions Project : Ready to Get Things Started?

by M. David Peterson

I hope so! [NOTE: No, this is not the mentioned announcement regarding An Inconvenient Truth. Once I have the servers, DNS, S3, etc... all stabilized, then I will make that announcement. But the last thing I want to do is announce this in the middle of a MAJOR server transition... This is an EXTREMELY imortant topic, and it needs to be launched without a hitch... I'm preparing for that exact scenario as we speak...

In the mean time....


Viberavetions Community Development Blogs, Forums, and File and Photo Sharing Server is Now Live! :D

Below you will find a copy of the post I just added to the CommunityServer-based development blogs, forums, etc... in which will become this projects intial home base as far as giving each of us who desires to get involved the ability to communicate with one another, discuss ideas, ask questions (Len... I have a full overview that I am writing that speaks to each of your bullet-point questions. I hope to get that done today, but it may not be until tomorrow, whis is dependent upon on how the transition to the new servers, and S3 goes...), etc....

But to get things set off with a bang, I figured the best thing to do is to give you an application to play with, [NOTE: Because of the permissions level necessary for this app to run, you need to access this link from within IE (obviously on a Windows box... This WILL run via Mono, but not yet. More details on this subject @ below/mentioned post.

NOTE: If you are not a developer, and even more so, unfamiliar with the Python programming language (.NET 2.0 experience, any language, would certainly help as well), then this application is NOT FOR YOU. Wait, let me rephrase... you can install it all you want... it may not make any sense to you when an IronPython (Beta 8-based... need to make an announcement regarding this as well)-based Console app appears in front of you, but please don't let this deter you from installing and running this if you feel so inclined.

A TON more info is below... But I think its important we push hard and fast with this, so if you're cool with that... then buckle up... This is going to be some fun :D


2006-06-20 13:55:37
Oh my god. A two-page post with *zero* information on what you're actually talking about. And lots of incoherent babble. WTF?
M. David Peterson
2006-06-21 16:04:07
Ummm... My bad... Please see > < for an understanding of what the viberavetions project is.