The Web Alphabet according to Google

by Todd Ogasawara

While listening to a podcast of an
IT Converstations
interview with Tim O'Reilly
I heard him mention that the website is the first listing on Google when you search for the single letter O (I thought it would be Ogasawara :-).
So, what are the rest of the single alphabet character first listngs?
The list is posted below for your to peruse.
Many of the first listings are NYSE stock ticker symbols.
A couple of co-first listings occur because Google provides a non-web-linked first hit for some mathematical constants.
And, there are a few amusing web sites in the lists too.
As an added bonus, I searched for the first listings based on the single digit numerals 0 through 9.

  • A
    Aligent Technologies

  • B

  • C
    Citigroup and also the constant for the speed of light

  • D
    Dominion Resources Inc.

  • E
    E! Online and also the mathematical constant e

  • F
    Ford Motor Co.
  • G
    Glillette Co.

  • H
    H-Net and also Planck's constant
  • I

  • J
    Jennifer Lopez

  • K
    Kellog Co. and also the Boltzmann constant

  • L
    Liberty Media

  • M
    Texas A&M

  • N
    Inco Ltd.

  • O
    O'Reilly Media Inc.

  • P

  • Q

  • R
    The R Project for Statistical Computing
  • S

  • T

  • U
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  • V

  • W
    President George W. Bush (WhiteHouse.Gov site)

  • X
    United States Steel

  • Y
    Yahoo! Messenger

  • Z
    Z Communications

  • 0
    Business 2.0

  • 1

  • 2
    Shrek 2

  • 3
    Three (a UK based mobile phone company)

  • 4

  • 5
    The Macromedia Flash download page

  • 6
    Apple Quicktime download page

  • 7 (web browser)

  • 8
    Super 8 Motels, Inc.

  • 9

Post your favorite Google first hits based on oddball searches here.


2005-06-20 03:07:59
different list from google suggest?
The "google suggest" autocomplete list goes like this:
amazon, bbc, currency converter, dictionary, ebay, firefox, gmail, hotmail, ikea, jokes, kelly blue book, lyrics, mapquest, news, orbitz, paris hilton, quotes, ryanair, spybot, target, ups, valentines day, weather, xbox, yahoo, zip codes, 02, 1, 24, 3m, 411, 50 cent, 60 minutes, 7th heaven,, 911

The single letter searches you mention only bring up pages where that single letter appears on its own, this is more like what google thinks people want for those letters. It seems like the list does slowly change: when it first started there were at least two individual's names on the a-z list, now theres just ubiquitous hilton.