The Wireless Future -- Available Today at Dartmouth

by Gordon Mohr

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VentureBlog's Naval Ravikant visits the Dartmouth campus for the Unleashed Conference, and thanks to the ubiquitous wireless computing there, sees the clear outlines of our near future. My favorite of his observations:

  • Instant Messenger for voice will emerge [and will eventually be packaged in a hearing-aid sized device]
  • Voice is just an app ["The phone companies will suffer mightily."]
  • Un-terminated [many -- perhaps most -- wireless access points can do without a landline uplink]
  • Bandwidth matters! [people find uses to fill all the local wireless bandwidth -- including file sharing -- despite slower landline uplinks to the outside internet]

These are just a few of his insights -- check out the rest at: Ubiquity Breeds Utility.

Is that guy mumbling to himself engaging in Voice IM with a tooth-mounted microphone and WiFi earbud? Or just insane?