The World's Smallest Single-User Wiki

by chromatic

I've used wikis for years. I've even written a few. I'd use one myself to manage my notes and ideas, but I hate typing in textareas and don't want to launch a web server and new browser tab whenever an idea strikes. Ideally, I could just type a quick note in Vim, as I always have a command-line somewhere. Here are the three lines of code it took to make a single-user Wiki in Vim.


2006-02-28 11:32:36
You might already know this, but I think you w command is the same as 'gf' already present in vim. w is of course nice for the mnemonic effect.

Anyway, nice idea, I'll try this out!

2006-02-28 11:33:50
sorry - the comment box stripped out some thing. I tried to write <C-W> w...
Aristotle Pagaltzis
2006-03-04 00:29:39
[Ctrl-W] is already taken for the window management shortcuts.

[gf] already does what you want to jump between files. [Ctrl-W f] will do the same, but opens the file in a new window – I use this *all* the time.

What I want from a wiki is highlighting for wiki words and an indication of which ones are defined and which aren't.

Check out Viki:
It even works as a minor mode for other filetypes.