There Will Be More Than Music on Oct. 12

by Derrick Story

My impression is that many people are viewing next week's media event as an extension of the Sept. 7 announcements in San Francisco. The thinking being that something wasn't quite baked last month, but is ready now. Apple's promotion of the Oct. 12 gathering, "One More Thing...," set this tone from the beginning.

My two cents is that Oct. 12 isn't just about music. Apple is also strong in photography and video. The bulk of their video announcements were released earlier this year at NAB, so that leaves photography. We haven't heard much in this area lately, have we?

I'm also thinking hardware. We had the big Intel announcement at WWDC earlier this year, but not much in terms of computing hardware since. Holiday shopping is upon us, and I think Steve has something for under the tree.

All of this doesn't exclude an iPod announcement. But, I don't think that's the focus of this event. I do expect an update on the negotiations with the record labels, and am hoping for good news there. We'll find out next week.


2005-10-07 08:04:42
what ever happened
…to "Asterix" that breakout box that those rumors sites got sued for talking about?
2005-10-07 08:05:04
What could it be?
I don't think they'd hold a special event just for a PowerBook or PowerMac rev, because it probably makes more sense for those to get dramatic redesigns when they go Intel (if this makes it sound like PowerPC hardware is a dead end, um, it is). Would they race out the Intel hardware now? No point - a CPU change won't do much for the holiday shopper. Might as well wait a few more months for MWSF and show then.

Here's a thought... what about Asteroid? Remember that? All that rumor hype produced was a lawsuit against Think Secret, I think. Maybe there's a there there.

2005-10-07 08:15:05
video from the net to your tv
Hey, we're all just having fun here so what about this . . .

No video iPods - that would just anger the folks who ran out and bought a nano - but what about a netflix killer. The idea isn't to focus on the iPod but on the problem being solved - video distribution. Think about pay-per-view meets the iTMS

What if you could use a device to pull in video from a large catalog. It streams to your computer and when a sufficient buffer is built begins playing on your tv (using video enabled airport or S-video connectors or . . .)

2005-10-07 08:37:54
Mac mini?
What about two recent "unusual" events, both centred on the mini: (1) Apple cancels a "test drive" promo after only one day in early September, and (2) Apple starts randomly shipping more capable minis with no changes to information on their website, and only fesses up after the fact.

This is obviously (from the red velvety curtain in the promo photo) a movie-related event.

There also has to be *some* reason that iTunes' version numbering got bumped up a full number.

How about "movies for iTunes", and a mini-based set-top box. The technology is already in the OS; all Apple has to do is to create a single skin unifying iTunes, QuickTime, and DVD player.

2005-10-09 07:29:02
What could it be?
> Would they race out the Intel hardware now? No point - a CPU change won't do much for the holiday shopper.

It would do a lot for this shopper. However there's been no indication Apple's pro-apps are ready yet. But oh how I wish for a new intel laptop...

I agree about the Astroid rumor. A remote video decompression box would allow something underpowered, like a mini, to send fullsize h.264 HD video to remote TVs. Wirelessly.

Speaking of wireless, which is getting more and more cluttered and less and less stable in densely populated areas (like my apartment), it would make sense for Apple to broaden the definition of Airport. Intel's Centrino chipset includes 802.11a, which would be new, but looking longer, intel is also invested in 802.11n and 802.16, as well as taking a leadership role in 802.21. Apple was way out front with 802.11g, maybe we'll see Apple put down another stake in the future of wifi.