There's Security, and there's Paranoia.

by Tom Bridge

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Mark Burnett's column on Security for the Paranoid is an amazing trip in to how little each and every one us do for security. For example, I've only got the one Firewall here at work, and my AirPort Express is my only intrusion protection at the hacienda, but Mark uses no fewer than three Firewalls to filter his data. I try to keep my passwords longer than eight characters and multi-case, including symbols where possible, but that would be mere weakness to Mr. Burnett.

I think what surprised me most, and piqued my interest, was his idea to use Smart Cards for his kids. Now, while he didn't actually implement the protocols for network access based upon a Smart Card, that still is pretty darned hardcore. He does have a point that the practice of security isn't just about protection from specific intrusion, or locking the doors after the thieves have been by to nick your telly, but is a way of protecting yourself against intrusion. Anyone who's ever been successfully phished can tell you about what security they ought to have been using, and will tell you they'd rather have been prepared than victimized.

Most folks pay lip service to security, but I think Mark Burnett may be one of the few people out there actually giving it their all.

Are you secure? Are you sure?