TheServerSide Symposium - a great, focused show

by Kevin Bedell

If you read TheServerSide regularly, then you know they hang out on the leading edge of the Java world. They preview chapters of upcoming books, have timely discussion threads and provide a pretty leading edge view of Java technology.

Knowing all this I was looking forward to the TheServerSide Symposium that run last weekend outside Boston.

I wasn't let down. There were three days of sessions which were deep in technology and code and were delivered by some great people.

Some of the cool sessions were:

  • Bruce Tate Author, Bitter EJB / Common EJB programming traps

  • John Crupi Author, Core J2EE Patterns / Next Generation of J2EE Patterns

  • Bill Burke Chief Architect, JBoss Group, LLC. / Aspect Oriented Java Development

My favorite session was the keynote by Bill Burke on the new aspect-oriented programming capabilities and features coming out in JBoss 4.0. It definitely looks like industry changing stuff.

It was refreshing for me as a Java developer/architect to attend a conference that was so deep tech that even the keynotes had Java code in their powerpoint slides. I spoke to a two people that had just recently attended Java One and they said that this conference was more deep tech focused. That was fine with me!

I got a chance to talk with Floyd Marinescu, Director of, and he told me that no call for papers went out. He just picked all the cool people he thought should be there and lined them up.

To sum it up, I thought TheServerSide Symposium was an excellent conference. Deep in tech talk, great presenters and leading edge technologies all in an intimate atmosphere. I'm already looking forward to next year.