They can't make iPod hard drives fast enough

by Hadley Stern

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Apparently Hitachi can't make the hard drives used in the iPod and iPod mini fast enough! The iPod mini is on back order's probably easier to get a new Ferrari than a pink iPod mini these days. I guess all the pundits who said the iPod mini was over-priced (the very same pundits who scoffed at the original iPod) were wrong. Hitachi is going to add 4000 employees to help speed up the six-week waiting time for a mini.

Do you have your mini yet? Still waiting?


2004-05-18 09:44:13
Mini, the iPod for everyone
The regular iPod will be only for the geeks and the minis are for everyone else. ;-)

Any rumors about a color iPod that will load music videos from iTunes? :-)