Things I like about Aperture 1.5

by Giles Turnbull

  • The plugin API.

  • The fact that Apple told some people about the API in advance, so that new stuff like FlickrExport for Aperture could bre ready from the start.

  • The separation of the Library (doesn't matter where it is, as long as Aperture knows the location) from the working previews. Your masters remain safe and you take only what you need when you're out on the road. Plus, you can move the Library around from volume to volume, great for switching to backups or when upgrading to newer machines.

  • It runs on any Intel Mac, even the mini (you still need a gig of RAM, though). This supports the argument that it doubles as a "pro" version of iPhoto for ordinary people, as well as a photo management tool for professionals.

  • iLife and iWork integration. Again, a "prosumer" (euw, I don't like that word) feature.

  • Presets! For metadata, for adjustments, for saving a tonne of time.

Only one thing I'll complain about, and that's the price. In the US, it's a very reasonable $299, which should be around £157 here in the UK. But the UK price is actually £219. Once again, UK customers have to pay an extra premium to enjoy using Apple products. This is nothing new, though, and frankly we're used to it. That doesn't mean we don't find it annoying occasionally.


2006-09-26 04:55:53
319 Euro in the Belgian store. This is more or less the equivalent of the 219 pound... It seems to be everywhere throughout Europe.
Have you compared the price without taxes? Price before tax is 264 Euro.
2006-09-26 06:18:39
I'm really looking forward to the metadata presets. That should make a huge difference to my workflow.

re the price, I suspect the difference is exacerbated by the current exchange rate...

2006-09-26 06:50:49
*sigh* US prices EXCLUDE tax. UK prices INCLUDE VAT. re-calc based on that and then allow for the additional costs and you'll find the gap is much smaller.

2006-09-26 14:37:56
£186.38 excluding VAT, according to the Apple Store site.
2006-09-26 20:40:40
isn't the exchange plus the cost of doing there (I'm sure the Apple store & regular employees get more than two weeks vacation) and taxes? Then add in trying to gauge currency flucuations ...

Catch a cheap flight and have it mail ordered to your hotel - out of state, no taxes ... but then we have national health care ... for good or bad ;-)

Mark Dadgar
2006-09-26 21:13:23
I keep hearing this "here in Country X we pay more for Apple products" stuff and it just isn't true.

At your job, do you get paid in $'s or £'s? Since you make in £'s basically what the equivalent job here in the US makes in $'s, your purchasing power is identical. Given that, you're actually paying less for the same product that we are here in the US.

Otherwise, interesting comments on Aperture.

John Nuttall
2007-01-19 14:14:28
US prices exclude tax..... the gap is much smaller. Absolute hogwash - clearly this guy doesn't spend time in the USA. State tax is around 5-7%... if you order from another State then you don't pay tax.