Things that Caught My Eye

by Erica Sadun

Reverse Engineering iPod Games [iPod Linux]
The iPod Linux people have started a wiki centered on figuring out how those iPod Games work. You may want to pop over and lend a hand if this sort of thing interests you.

Fetching iTunes 7 Artwork [Jesper Nøhr]
Blogger Jesper Nøhr wrote a perl library to fetch the new iTunes 7 artwork from the command line.

Warner Music Group to license its music for YouTube videos [TechCrunch]
If this goes through, user-created videos will be allowed to use licensed Warner Music soundtracks--although Warner may retain veto-power over the video content. It's unclear who will pay the licensing fees--YouTube or individual users.

Google and Apple: Teaming up? [Newsweek]
Newsweek reports that Google and Apple are in talks, possibly to stream Google Video content to the upcoming iTV.

Myvu: iPod viewing glasses [PlaylistMag]
Yet another generation of TV-watching glasses, although I give them credit for making them nice looking and minimal. I remember trying out early generations of these kind of things, where they weighed a ton. Now "made for iPod".

iBrella [Make]
An umbrella interface for your iPod. Hee!