Thinking of Buying a New Digital Camera? Wait for PMA

by Derrick Story

You know the old saying: "Don't buy a Mac right before Macworld." There's a similar axiom in the photography world: "Want to buy a new digital camera... better wait for PMA."

What the heck is PMA (other than a flat-sounding acronym)? It stands for Photo Marketing Association, and they sponsor the must-see photography show in the US. This year's event is in Orlando, FL, Feb. 20-23. It is an amazing event.

The reason why I suggest you hold off on buying anything before PMA is because the camera manufacturers time their big announcements for this conference. For example, it was at last year's PMA that we found out about the Canon Digital Rebel XT. And I think there will be some amazing stuff announced in February this year. For example, I think we'll begin to see the big 2.5-inch LCDs on almost all new DSLRs. This alone is worth waiting for. I have a big screen on my Canon 5D, and it makes my older DSLR screens look awful puny.

I'll be attending PMA and will post my findings from the gigantic trade show floor (it's many times bigger than Macworld SF). Most likely the announcements made at the show will be ready to ship right away. So if you're itching for a new digicam, hold off for a few more weeks. It should be worth the wait.


Small Paul
2006-02-04 10:14:51
Aw man! But I just got me a Nikon D50, at the Apple Store (free 1GB memory card offer, see) right at the end of January!

Doh. Hey ho, I think I'll still manage to enjoy it for a good few years :)

Johnny Brown
2006-02-20 17:28:49
Thanks for the info. I was just thinking about purchasing a new canon D20, but I will wait to see if there is something that just blows you away. Within a certain price range of course.