This Week in Open Source in Portland, Oregon

by chromatic

The Portland Linux/Unix Group meets tomorrow night, 5 June, at 7 pm. Some of the folks from Helix DNA will dicuss their software.

MOSS, a new gathering of open source developers and afficionadoes, holds its second meeting this Saturday, 7 June, at 1 pm. The first meeting drew people from Perl, Perl 6, Python, Ruby, Personal Telco, XFree86, Extreme Programming, Freepan, hardware hacking, colocation services, open source in government, and more. This meeting will likely be a chance to show off individual projects; I've one or two new things to demonstrate.

Powell's Technical Bookstore is hosting a Hack Fest next Wednesday, 11 June. Rael and Rob will discuss their favorite Hacks and may let fly on some of the upcoming books. I'll say a few words about OSCON.

Immediately following Hacks night, I'm speaking to the Portland Perl Mongers about the evolution of a program from idea through several implementations. For the buzzword-watchers: test-driven development, mail filtering, refactoring, customer tests, design patterns, programmer tests, incremental design.

Next week? I sleep.

Did I miss anything interesting in the Portland area? Let me know.