This you can take, this you can't...

by Chris Adamson

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Over on, we have a licensing forum that will be running for another week, and one of the topics discusses the very different expectations that we authors have of how our work will be protected and how it'll be used. In general, I really want readers to be free to take code I've written for an article or book and apply it to their own work, even going so far as to copy and paste it in, with no restrictions on how they use it (no attribution, no required give-away of their stuff, etc.) On the other hand, I would be really pissed if someone grabbed my prose and passed it off as their own writing.

So, in kicking off this thread of the discussion, I'm asking a few questions:

  • What's with the double-standard?

  • Should article and book code have its own license or copyright / public-domain statement?

  • As readers, what kind of license would you want on article/book code? Would an attribution requirement keep you from using the example code?

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