Though Its Vocab May Still Be Small, The DLR Is Talking!

by M. David Peterson

TITLE DISCLAIMER: Are you really all that surprised? Come on now... ;-)

So, as I was saying... Courtesy of Peter Fisk, the Dynamic Language Runtime has "awl' gawn ind grow'd uptawn uhs", adding yet another choice to the list of current and future languages available to the web hacking masses,

Python? Check.
Ruby? Check. (or at very least, soon to be "Check.")
JScript? Dynamic VB? Smalltalk?

Check. Check. and...

Smalltalk in Silverlight - Workspace Windows � 21st Century Smalltalk

Above is a test of the "virtual desktop" running inside a Firefox browser. To test it in your browser, you must have the Silverlight 1.1 runtime installed.

* Download Silverlight 1.1 runtime
* Open "Virtual Desktop" test in your browser

The "virtual desktop" running in Silverlight is progressing. Windows are now resizable and can be positioned by dragging the header. Open workspace windows by clicking on the desktop background.


"Yeah," you find yourself asking with a twinge of doubt and an eagerness to find fault in pretty much anything you can't claim a part in bringing to fruition, "but does it run cross-platform?"

Great question, thanks for asking...

I'd say we can make that a "Check!"

SWEET! Thanks (again!), Peter!