Thoughts on Lightroom's Slideshow Module

by Ken Milburn

When you want a really clean, smooth, commercially professional-looking slideshow, Lightroom is a good place to turn. Unfortunately, narration, jazzy transitions, and Ken Burns zoom and pan effects aren't in the plan. Not that you want to do all those things all the time anyway. In fact, most of the time, those restrictions just contribute to cleaner and more professional-looking slideshow. I'd just like to have them available when I want them. End of sermon. Let me give you a better idea of what Lightroom can do and how.

The image below shows you how a Lightroom slidshow can look. What you see in the center of the screen give you a good idea of the elegant simplicity you get from a Lightroom Slideshow

Lightroom Slideshow.jpg


Odd Harald
2007-04-12 23:02:24
I agree a lot about the professional look of the Lightroom slideshows. But one thing has irritated me the couple of times I have used it, and that is that I cannot find a way to turn of the automatic advance of slides in the pdf. I can set the time of each slide to a maximum of 20 seconds, and then I can advance pictures manually, but if I do that after just about 20 seconds the show will advance two slides then - not praticularly professional.... But do anyone know of a method of turning off the scheduled advance of slides?


2007-04-13 07:28:33
I always like reading the information on this website. My problem is that I can't select only a few images in the Library mode to send to Slideshow mode. Lightroom wants to use all the photos in that folder. Is there a way to select one hold down the ctrl key and only have those images selected for your Slideshow?

Whatever you've selected (indicated by lighter borders) will appear in the slideshow. A better way is to make a quick collection, select the collection, then go to the slideshow module.

2007-04-14 08:19:07
I am frustrated that I cannot make a copy of the slideshow and burn it to DVD. This is the main piece lightroom is missing to make my workflow complete. I don't want to have to go to another program to make a slideshow that will be different than the one I have in lightroom. Currently, I am trying to work around by burning the images to imovie and making a slideshow in iphoto/imovie. The problem for me is that they aren't as cool looking as the flash gallery/slideshow interface in lightroom. Help?


2007-04-18 10:45:15
Yes I agree Adobe has to make an option to save the slideshow to DVD. I am working on a PC so iStuff will not work for me unless I want to down load a load of stuff.

To answer the question about how to get a few items into the library for the slide show - click on each image and then flag it then once inside slide show there is a way to bring only flagged images in. I just saw this on Adobe's site with a tutorial on Lightroom and slideshow (google it).