Three Simple Aperture Tips

by Scott Bourne


Based on the e-mail I receive, there are some common problems in Aperture that can be easily solved with some simple tips.

Problem Number One: Having trouble keeping track of your photos? Some people have e-mailed stating that they lost track of certain pictures or that certain images ended up outside the Aperture Library. Here's a simple fix. Go to FILE>CONSOLIDATE MASTERS. In most cases this will help round up all your Aperture-related photos, putting them where they belong.

Problem Number Two: There seems to be a bug in Aperture that sometimes causes the wrong image being connected to the wrong thumbnail. One workaround for this is to select the image(s) that have the wrong thumbnail. Click on any checkbox in the adjustments panel. Don't actually make any changes. This will usually cause the image and the thumbnail to line up. If that doesn't work, delete and rebuild any previews for the files in question.

Problem Number Three: Some photographers need higher quality books out of Aperture than are available through Apple. The fix here is easy. Simply use Aperture to layout your book as you normally would, and instead of sending it to Apple, save it as a PDF (Click Print > Save As PDF) and export that file to any printing company with a digital press. I've used my local printer and received great results.

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2006-12-27 21:14:37
Problem #1.
When consolidating master, there's two options 1.copy files, 2.move files.
Also, there is a message stating "No Refererence files. The selection doesn't use any reference files.
Would you explain this?
2007-01-10 17:25:37
Problem #3.

You do realize that none of the major album manufacturers for wedding and portrait photographers have 8 1/2 x 11 books?