Three things hopeful iPhone developers might want to know

by Erica Sadun

1. You probably want to wait for the binary UI toolchain if you can. Getting it built and configured is a nightmare.

2. /private/var/logs/CrashReporter is, as you expect, your friend

3. You don't have to edit DisplayOrder.plist. SpringBoard will add any applications it finds to the Widget display. Only use DisplayOrder.plist to change the order or to hide items from the /Applications folder.


2007-07-30 12:43:09

This is off-topic for iPhone but a question I can't seem to find the right answers for. Can you explain how a plist works? What is the intended purpose of the plist? How is the plist used by the application?


2007-07-30 23:19:17
Michael, you might find this site useful


2007-11-15 18:33:04
Hi Erica,

My iPhone app is crashing in my code and I see the crash in the CrashReporter log. How do I get the symbols from the hex values (offsets) in the log? I tried atos and lipo but no luck. I'm building using a MacBook Pro (Intel) and cross compiling using the arm tool chain and using the -g switch to gcc. Any pointers would really help.

Big Thanks