Thursday links

by Giles Turnbull

Buncha new software updates for iLife now available; mostly they seem to be about plugging iLife and iWork into Aperture 1.5 and vice versa. Some new calendar and card themes in iPhoto, though.

Microsoft is warning of possible damage by malicious Powerpoint files, which they say could affect Mac and Windows users.

What iTunes can learn from Aperture 1.5; some nice thoughts here. Why can't your music library live on one machine, and your laptop have the right to take some music out on the road?

Chris Swain has relaunched the Macs in Chemistry web site, a collection of resources and links for chemists who use Macs. The site includes links to dozens of chemistry-related Mac apps, and information about ChemLab Notebook and iBabel.

Do you save bookmarks, or web archives. I tend to be a bookmarks man, myself.


2006-09-28 18:33:23
I'm a big fan of the "Print as PDF" feature of OS X. I save a lot of articles from online publications, and they are very much "here today, gone tomorrow" (ok, in the next week or three) so the archive is the only way to keep them. Also, Spotlight makes it easy to search for them later.

Bookmarks are more for ongoing websites, that I go to with some frequency, or will want to track as they change over time.

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