Thursday links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

A plea for help: Macs in education in Australia are under threat. Can anyone help out?

Hog Bay's Mori notebook has been bumped to 1.3; now includes a DEVONthink-ish "Find similar" command.

Windows experimenters: How to dual-boot Vista Beta 2 and OS X on a MacBook.

Used CDs versus iTunes; I agree with much of this. I rarely purchase from the iTMS, preferring to buy used CDs from sellers on Amazon, or from second-hand record stores.

Omni: humans who make software. I noticed the following paragraph at the top of the OmniPlan license agreement prior to installing, and it caught my eye because I've not seen such direct, easy-to-understand, written-for-real-people wording in a license agreement before. Here it is:

"The document that follows this paragraph is a license agreement. Why do we need such a thing? Well, to be perfectly honest, our lawyers have told us that we need to protect ourselves. We at The Omni Group pride ourselves on our low-key style, but the global nature of the software business means that one lawsuit from one user in a far-flung jurisdiction could put us out of business. It also means that, without this agreement, we might not have protection from people who misuse our software. We do not want to bet our entire company on such possibilities, however unlikely, because we like doing what we do and want to continue to be able to do it. And, so, we require you to read and agree to this license. We think you will find it quite reasonable. Obviously, if you disagree, click "Disagree." But, don't just stop there. Let us know. Send some email to telling us what you find unacceptable about our license agreement. We can't promise to change anything, but we will do our best to get back to you."

I especially like the last few lines. Most companies offer the license agreement as a fait accompli; you like it, or lump it. Omni goes one step further than most, here; it cares if people find the license terms unreasonable. omni++, I say.


Mike Abdullah
2006-07-28 02:03:34
I just like the way that if I report a bug or request a feature, I get an e-mail back from Omni informing me their "support ninjas" are on to it.