Thursday links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

How Suw fixed her iBook.

Jim Roepcke on resolution independent UI: Most people will use that to increase the resolution of the UI, but I’ve used it to decrease the resolution… at a 0.75 factor, I can comfortably fit 4 windows on the screen. In fact, at 0.5, I can fit nine poker table windows on the screen simultaneously with no significant overlap. Awesome!

Mira brings Front Row-like functionality to older Macs, using an Apple Remote and a USB receiver.

Eastgate has posted some very informative Tinderbox screencasts. I learned more from watching these than from several trial sessions with Tinderbox over recent years.

Jonathan Sanderson on Apple’s customer service: Listening to the customer and addressing the problem will beat lying and not fixing things, every time.