Thursday's links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

iWeb officially supports multiple web sites now, but it must be said that the implementation of this feature is messy and less than intuitive to most people. Why can't iWeb simply do "New", "Open" and "Save" like all the other apps?

How to run Classic apps on Intel Macs. Cos you need Hypercard on your MacBook, doncha?

Oh look, Stream Recorder records streams as MP3s.

Daniel Eran spells out five architectural flaws in Windows; Mac OS X avoids all of them. (Which is not to say that OS X is free from flaws, of course...)

Tom Yager made some thought-provoking comments about Apple's closing down of the OS X kernel on Intel machines: " Even if I don't need to hack the kernel, knowing that I can affords me a level of self-sufficiency and insulation from vendors' whims that fixed system software, such as Windows, does not."

Derek Powazek on black MacBooks: "Until then, I'll happily keep pecking on my second favorite laptop ever, my aluminum Powerbook with a keyboard that's designed for grownups, and the matte finish is where it belongs - on the screen."

Could Apple do more for early Aperture adopters? Some of them feel hard done by because there's little sign of a sensible upgrade path for their computers.


Oops, forgot to add a bunch of other interesting stuff that was lurking in a hidden Camino window :)

Final Cut Express HD 3.5 is out now; upgrade price is $99.

What would you like to see in future Mail updates? Hawkwings is asking.

While we're talking email clients, EWeek has some good tips for looking after Thunderbird

And Dennis Sellars starts the wishlisting for 10.5 Leopard - what would you like to see in it? I'm still missing tabbed folders from the OS 9 days, and in my opinion neither the Dock nor the Finder toolbar are suitable replacements...


Paul Mison
2006-05-19 07:14:44
Ah, initially I didn't look at StreamRecorder, because it shares a name with lots of other utilities of that name, particularly ones that record MP3 streams to files (which isn't particularly clever, but is useful; see RadioLover and iFill).

If you'd said it converted RealAudio streams to MP3, and so was very useful for consumers of the BBC's Listen Again, I'd have perked up. So I'm saying that for other people who drop by this entry.

2006-05-19 07:32:24
Considering that OS X is a micro-kernel, unlike the much vaunted Linux, I really don't see the need to have or modify the source code for it. The only items it contains are IPC, scheduling, memory thread management. Everything else is outside. I wrote one myself back in college and it's really nothing that special.

Further I don't understand the need the be able to modify code for device drivers. It seems that, again unlike Linux vendors, Apple does a damn fine job of developing their drivers. IMHO, the article was more about fulfilling a nerd's need to whine more than anything else. Now let the flaming begin.

2006-05-19 14:44:26
The OS X xnu kernel is a hybrid, not a microkernel.