Tiger Tip #1: Create a Birthdays Calendar

by Chuck Toporek

If you use Address Book’s near-hidden feature of including a birth date in someone’s record (in Address Book’s menu bar, select Card > Add Field > Birthday), you can now get those birthdays to automatically show up in iCal. All you need to do is:

  • Open iCal (located in your Dock or in your Applications folder)

  • Open iCal’s preferences (iCal > Preferences, or Command-,)

  • Turn on “Show Birthdays calendar”

A new calendar called Birthdays appears in iCal’s list of calendars to the left. (Notice the little birthday cake icon to the right of the calendar name.)


2005-05-01 00:31:06
No Reminders?
As far as I could see, there wasn't any possibility to set an alarm for these birtdays. Well, birtdays are the things I have to be reminded most :-)
2005-05-01 23:57:23
I am enlighted!
I didn't recognize it as a birtday cake, looks more like some kind of radio transmitter to me. :-P
2005-05-25 09:01:54
Am I missing something?
Ok, I'm loving Tiger, in general, but this is just weird:

I've followed the very simple instructions laid out by everybody and their mother on the internet on how to create this birthday calendar thing. The problem is, it just doesn't work. I have tons of birthdays in my address book (close to 70%, I'd guess), and they just don't get recognized. They're all year-specific dates: 3/1/1983, for example. Could this be the problem? I should note, even when I try to create a smart group in address book based on birthdays, there's no listing there, either. Am I doing something really simple wrong?