Tiger Tip #3: Using Tiger's RSS Screen Saver

by Chuck Toporek

One of the coolest features of Mac OS X Tiger is its RSS Screen Saver. When your screen saver goes into action, news feeds from the site you select are displayed onscreen, along with a brief intro to the article.

To change Tiger’s default screen saver to use the RSS feed, follow these steps:

  • Open System Preferences

  • Select the Desktop & Screen Saver’s preference panel

  • Click the Screen Saver tab

  • In the list of available Screen Savers to the left, select “RSS Visualizer”

  • After selecting RSS Visualizer, you’ll see a demo of the RSS screen saver in the display to the right

By default, Tiger's RSS screen saver calls up news items from Apple's Hot News RSS feed. If you want to select a different screen saver:

  • Click the Options button

  • A sheet slides out, displaying a list of other "pre-ordained" RSS sites which you can choose from

  • Select a feed (for example, the "O'Reilly Network" feed)

  • Click the Done button

  • To see what the screen saver looks like, click the Test button

Now when the screen saver jumps into action, you'll see news items fed to you from the O'Reilly Network of sites, including the Mac DevCenter.

Note: Your computer must have a Quartz Extreme-compatible graphics card for the RSS Visualizer to even appear in the list. If you don't see this item in the list of available Screen Savers, your Mac won't be able to use this feature.


2005-04-29 21:24:16
The RSS screensaver not only uses 'pre-ordained' feeds but any site with RSS that you have bookmarked in Safari.

That's how I"ve got boing boing spinning around my screen!

2005-05-17 12:33:48
Multiple Revolving Feeds?
How about RSS Visualizer being able to cycle through x number of designated feeds from the Options... list for specified periods of time? Does anyone know if it's possible? Doable?

Other rss visualized feeds we'd like to see, dept:

The 'Matrix'-style screensaver, some of whose falling strings represent multiple designated feeds which right themselves 90º to the horizontal x-axis as they near the bottom of the screen and maginify-zoom in, presenting themselves in turn (I'd do it myself, but when it comes to coding, I'm all thumbs) ;º}