Tim O'Reilly and David Pogue on GrandCentral

by Bruce Stewart

GrandCentral continues to get lots of positive press and was clearly one of the crowd favorites at last month's ETel conference. The latest accolades come from none other than Tim O'Reilly and David Pogue, who both are now paying attention to Craig Walker's new venture and helping spread the word about GrandCentral.

David Pogue wrote a great review of GrandCentral in the New York Times, accompanied by a video demonstration as only David can do. He calls GrandCentral a "rather brilliant melding of cellphone and the Internet," and clearly gets the benefits of the service:

No longer will anyone have to track you down by dialing each of your numbers in turn. No longer does it matter if you’re home, at work or on the road. Your new GrandCentral phone number will find you.

As a bonus, all messages now land in a single voice mail box. You can listen to them in any of three ways. First, you can dial in from any phone (a text message arrives on your cellphone to let you know when you have voice mail). If you call in from your cellphone, you don’t even have to enter your password first.

This kind of mainstream coverage has got to have the people behind GrandCentral grinning from ear to ear. Getting David Pogue to sing the praises of your new service in the NYT, in text and video no less, is a home run in anyone's book.

And Tim O'Reilly has taken notice too. In his recent Radar post,
The Web 2.0 Address Book May Have Arrived, Tim writes that GrandCentral "appears to be a textbook Web 2.0 application, building a network-effects business that gets better the more people use it." Tim continues:

Perhaps most importantly, if this service takes off, it's almost a perfect "Data is the Intel Inside" play, far greater than any email address-book based attempt like Plaxo. It will be the first service outside the phone companies themselves that could build that next generation Web 2.0 address book I've been writing about.


In short, I expect GrandCentral to become one of the premier Web 2.0 and social networking platforms overnight, and it's squarely aimed at the heart of the communications device used by more people than any PC application will ever touch.

With this kind of praise coming from heavy-hitters like Tim and David, GrandCentral has got to be thrilled, and I bet their sign-ups are really ramping up.


2007-03-21 16:20:48
There's easier way of solving problem that is supposed to solve GrandCentral.

We call it over here in Europe ( Croatia ) ''call forwarding '' and is is easy as 1,2,3. Most people even don't have that sort of problem.
No need to mass with another web account( IDs and passes ), you can only make from the mobile phone / fixed phone forwarding to ''one'' number you are having all the time in your pocket.