Tim O'Reilly on Asterisk

by Bruce Stewart

Apparently we were all thinking about Asterisk around here today. Besides the major AsteriskNOW announcement I covered earlier, Tim O'Reilly wrote an interesting post over on the O'Reilly Radar discussing our own Asterisk implementation, the real benefits we're seeing from it, and his feelings that Asterisk is an under-appreciated open source success story.

I've been puzzled why there isn't more focus on asterisk in the open source world, as it seems to me to be one of the really big new open source success stories.

It seems a bit like the early days of things like Perl and Linux, when they were happening under the radar, known to all the hands-on practitioners in the industry, but not covered much by the mainstream press.

I'm completely with Tim on this one. Asterisk is disruptive on many levels, not just to the old-school PBX industry. And it's successes seem to be getting bigger every day. If you read this site regularly you know that.

We've done a lot of great Asterisk coverage here on ETel and at our previous ETel conference, and as Tim points out this year's ETel conference will continue that tradition with Asterisk's creator Mark Spencer giving one of the keynotes. But you can expect to learn about a lot more than just what Digium is up to at ETel, you'll see how others are pushing the envelope with Asterisk.

The one thing I can offer up that Tim didn't is a special discount code for ETel readers. Sign up using the code etel07blogd before January 8 and save an additional 10% off of the Early Registration price.