Time management for the soon-to-be-dead

by Andy Lester

Related link: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/os2004/view/e_sess/5261

OSCON is next week, and I can't wait to see Tom Limoncelli's
Time Management For System Administrators tutorial. Tom's written one of my "Ten Great Non-O'Reilly Books", the excellent The Practice Of System And Network Administration, so I'm eager to hear his talk on time management. I'm sure it will apply to programmers just as much as sysadmins.

Tom's sent me some preview materials, and he digs up the old chestnut about how "no one ever died thinking 'Gosh, I wish I had spent more time at the office.'"

It needs a corrolary: "But many folks die wishing they'd accomplished more." Time management isn't about spending more time, but in making the most of the time you do spend.


If you're going to be at OSCON next week, let me know and say howdy. I'll be giving a talk with Bill Odom on
"How To Get Hired" that's as much about career management as getting the job in the first place. I hope to see you all there.

Going to Portland? Don't have time for it?


mike baas
2004-07-21 17:16:00
Hopefully someone blogs this or convinces Mr. Limoncelli to provide some notes online afterwards!


2004-07-21 17:44:21
I'll try to do both.
2004-07-22 12:02:20
book/paper on the topic?
does the speaker cover this topic in depth anywhere in print? based on the abstract this is exactly the sort of thing i am in dire need of!
2004-07-23 08:55:40
Thinking the same thing...
I think it's cool how certain topics seem to percolate up for many people at the same time.

At work, I participate in our Professional Development group. Yes, we have a committee that plans training and other development activities for the entire staff. One of the items that came up in the last two-three months as needed by staff was time management. Looks like we're not alone.

We've had a few trainings that touched on it, emphasizing the difference between tasks that are important vs. those that are urgent. For example, not all urgent tasks are important, but it's easy to think they are.

We found a real lack of training resources for this type of issue. Given how important this is, I'm thinking there is a niche out there for "Time Management for IT People." courses.