Time Management on Google Video

by Thomas A. Limoncelli

Friday is my birthday. Instead of asking for a gift, I'm giving one. For the last month I've been working to produce the following 45-minute video that highlights many of the techniques in the new O'Reilly book "Time Management for System Administrators".



this very long link

I was able to find the perfect royalty-free music (podcasters take note!) at UniqueTracks. I'd like to thank the good folks at Pixient for their help with video production and editing. The video was recorded at the November meeting of the $GROUPNAME users group, on Rutgers University campus in New Jersey.

Note: The link is alternating between working and not working. Anyone at Google able to give me a permalink?

Post a comment. You know you want to. All the cool kids are doing it.


2005-12-01 15:03:13
cannot see the video on google video site
search returns 0 matches
2005-12-01 18:17:43
cannot see the video on google video site
It seems to be working again.
2005-12-10 16:08:19
downloadable link
Do you have a downloadable link or torrent I can use to save it locally? My net connection does appear to be fast enough to stream it directly from google.

2006-04-24 16:25:58
i cannot see it too...
2006-04-24 16:26:51
maybe its on www.massivetracks.net
2006-05-29 00:52:04
the following yields better results :)