Retiring the Personal Analog Assistant

by Brian K. Jones

If you're not managing your time, it's almost guaranteed that you're misusing it. I've heard, and even used, tons of excuses in the past to not manage my time, but eventually you'll come to the realization that saying you don't have time to figure out a system to manage your time is just ridiculous. For those of you who feel this way, I recently blogged about the system I'm building to manage my time in a completely digital way.

I used the old Franklin planner for quite some time, but I eventually realized that since I have a blackberry, and a way to synchronize in a "round trip" fashion from the blackberry to a task list, to a web-based calendar, and finally back to a local calendar, there would seem to be no gaps left for the dead-tree planner to fill.

If you found other tools useful or you're still hanging on to the Personal Analog Assistant, please share with us your thoughts on the tools you're using or the gaps that you still haven't found a digital solution for.


Francisco R.
2007-03-17 09:46:05
After reading Limoncelli's TMFSA I followed his advice and got a Palm Z22 [1] + DateBk6 soft [2]. I couldn't be happier with the combination! The Z22 is really lightweight (no gps, no bluethooth, no bloats), its battery lasts for more than 2 weeks and syncs its data perfectly against my Linux laptop.

Just my 2 cents.