Timepieces of the Ancients

by John Adams

I am not the person you want working on your hardware, so having a digital watch of sentimental value entrusted to me is a very nervous occasion.

My dad's Casio 596, a Father's Day gift from a now-deceased young man who was a dear friend of the family, decided to stop blinking at me when I tried to reset it for the end of Daylight Savings Time this year. I've tried popping the back, and the contacts are making and breaking as they should, and the removal/replacement of the battery (I'm thinking hard reset here) isn't obvious. He's WD-40ied (or is that WD-40ed?) the buttons, and I've worked them with tweezers--they seem to be okay. I'll take this to a jeweler if I must, but it seems to me I should be able to do a bit more with it.

So: Where do you go to learn how to fix a timepiece of the ancients? This watch dates back to 1988--it's damn near a digital antique. Can you help?

Dieselpunk? Crystalradiopunk? Just a plain ordinary punk for not getting something fixed for my dad? Can you help me avoid that final, dreadful, unthinkable fate?