Tim's Network & Google AdSense

by Chris DiBona

As an experiment, I added a Google AdSense bar to my website at DiBona.com. And on that front page, I have a number of links to my recent entries here on the O'Reilly Network.

The last three entries looked something like this: I talk about SQL Caching on the O'Reilly Network.

As you may know, Google figures out which ads to feed by looking at the content of your website and choosing what it thinks are the best fit ads for your site. It does this quite well, usually. For instance, if you look at my FAQ page for viewers of my segments on TV, you'll notice a lot of spot on Linux ads. I mean, they're really appropriate choices. But for the front page, the term "O'Reilly" appeared too often and tricked Google into thinking I was talking about this O'Reilly and not this one.

Now, I'm not going to get into a political debate here, but this is one of the problems with keyword based systems, sometimes the context isn't there.

How to fix it? Google provides a way to block specific urls from appearing on your site, but there really isn't a way to exclude every Bill O'Reilly related adlink. The only answer is for google to provide people with the ability to "ignore" a keyword. Even this is non-optimal as cutting out the O'Reilly keyword would potentially stall some fairly on topic ads keyed to O'Reilly (as in tim) while blocking the ads keyed to "O'Reilly" (As in bill). Other than that, however, Adsense is a pretty neat service.

Not -that- O'Reilly, the other one.


2003-10-28 18:24:02
Related Distractors
It is frustrating.

The O'Reilly Network carries a lot of google rank weight. When searching for 'Python what-not', many times an unrelated ORA technology what-not is listed simply because of the Python ONLamp link on every page of this site.

2003-10-28 23:00:58
Related Distractors
I've noticed that too, serious google juice, which made it all the more weird to see rush limbaugh ads on my site. :-)
2003-10-29 15:15:00
and now you'll get even MORE click-throughs since you wrote about it here!