Tips for other iPod nano newbies

by Todd Ogasawara

My iPod nano is the first iPod I've owned/used. If you're an iPod newbie too, you might find a few useful tips among the things I've learned/discovered about my iPod nano in the past few days.

  • Putting a headphone mini-plug jack into the nano's plug automatically turns on the nano.
  • Pulling a headphone mini-plug jack out of the nano plug automatically pauses whatever is playing. I find this real useful because I often transition listening to a podcast or music going into and out of my car.
  • If you want to re-listen to part of a podcast (or any other audio file for that matter), press and hold the center button until the scrubber bar appears on the screen. You can use the thumbwheel to move to any point of the audio file at that point.
  • Don't rotate photos before copying them to the the nano. You'll get black bars on the side and have a smaller image to look at (on a very tiny screen). It is easy enough to turn the nano temporarily to view a larger image in its original orientation.
  • For now, at least, Apple has free shipping for the optional A/C adapter. Mine should arrive sometime today :-)

Have other iPod nano tips for newbies like me? Share them here.


2005-09-14 22:44:25
Jacks & Plugs
To clarify, jacks are female; plugs are male— at least with headphone connectors.


Handy tips, though!

2005-09-15 01:20:18
Jacks & Plugs
BeigeBat: Oh man... I can't believe I wrote/typed that. Thanks for catching my error. But, that's the nature of blogs, huh? Thanks again....todd