TLT (Tiny Leopard Tip): GVIM for Leopard

by Noah Gift

I finally found a copy of GVIM that works for Leopard. Download it here


2007-11-23 02:56:46
What's wrong with the version from I grabbed that one the day I upgraded to Leopard, and have used it every day since then...

The one you link here might be newer and more in sync with the upstream Vim, though.

2007-11-23 06:24:02
For some reason, the version from, at least in pre-release Leopard, didn't work for me, which makes sense, since Leopard was pre-release. I just stumbled across this version, and started using it and it worked. I wish there was more press/documentation about macvim, as this is a great GUI version of vim!

2007-11-23 07:54:48
While I applaud their efforts I think they are changing GVim too much. By too much I mean un-Vim like.
2007-11-23 17:21:06
not to be pedantic, but shouldn't "Tiny Leopard Tip" be abbreviated "TLT" (not "TLP")?
Noah Gift
2007-11-23 18:13:36
undefined/Thanks for the correction. I just changed the acronym. If you can't laugh at yourself, all hope is lost. That is pretty funny, that my horrible spelling, and ADD is getting even worse :)

Thanks for the correction. I shudder to think of me doing a final proof for a world wide press release of some new product. The freudian slips alone would sink the product :)

Philippe Rathe
2007-12-29 12:00:35
Thanks! That is awesome. At least we can drag tabs in that version...which I couldn't in Linux.