Tmobile Launches @Home

by Daniel Raffel

Tmobile launched a test in Seattle of their @Home service which costs an additional $20 per month for unlimited calling from a home access point as well as any T-Mobile HotSpot. Customers who purchase what Tmobile dubbed a HotSpot cell phone (either a Nokia 6136 or Samsung T709) can make unlimited US data calls using pre-approved WiFi HotSpots instead of the cellular network. Anyone out there signed up yet? Got feedback?


2006-10-24 10:09:33
Don't forget the new Sony Ericsson P990.
Ross M Karchner
2006-10-24 14:37:45
Kinda cool, but it definitely has that "we spent time and money to make it less functional" stink to it.
2007-07-27 17:41:13
Why wouldn't you just use Skype for the same service, but $30 for a whole year?
2007-09-12 12:09:14
The reason you wouldn't use Skype is because if you're in an auto accident, vehicle breakdown, car jacking, unknown vehicle following et cetera your Skype would be ready to be used... at home... everywhere you aren't.