TNT: (Tiny Nix Tip) Getting Delete Key to work with ZSH, OS X Fusion, and Ubuntu

by Noah Gift

If you are a ZSH nut like me, you find it is the first thing you setup on a new virtual machine. One thing that stumped me recently with a virtual machine running Ubuntu from an OS X Leopard terminal and ZSH, was getting the delete key to work. The quick fix is to do this:

1. Go to the terminal preferences
2. Go to settings
3. Under advanced click Delete sends Ctrl-H

Now you can run a super charged ZSH without a hitch!

Python For Unix and Linux coming in August!


2008-06-05 14:40:49
I don't have my Macbook in front of me but you should be able to fix this via appropriate 'stty erase' in .zshrc no?