To Evil! September Edition - Nominees: The Schwartz, Sender-ID, John Kerry?!

by Steve Mallett

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Poet Laureate of NTK, Life Hacks, & overall hacker-culture stick poker, Danny O'Brien brings us the September edition of To Evil!, the IT Grand Prix of Satan. Nominees for the pitchfork include Jonathan Schwartz, Microsoft's Sender-ID team, and most surprisingly John Kerry!?


2004-10-09 07:44:58
It's not really surprising...

He voted for the DMCA , every copyright extension that came during his term, the Patriot Act, COPA, the 1996 Telecom Bill, and speaks in favor of Kyoto... though he did vote against that.

After college professors, the bulk of his funding comes from lawyers and Hollywood.... not MY favorite people.

2004-10-10 23:38:44
It's not really surprising...
and of course he has the support of the communist party and is an admitted of Mao and Ho Chi Minh, the kind of people who are well known for restricting personal freedom and imposing strict censorship on communications, the press and the internet.
2004-10-11 07:58:45
It helps to read the article
The Black Heart was awarded (and deservedly so) to Bruce Lehman, who has a self-described "minor role" in the Kerry campaign. The Kerry campaign (according to the article) seems think his role is extremely minor--again, from the article, "sources close to Kerry deny [Lehman's] very existence". Kerry is there in the headline to attract the attention of people who don't know who Bruce Lehman is.

Worked, too, didn't it?