Today's links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

The webserver in VoodooPad. Gus, that is simply a fantastic idea.

Was the last StickyBrain release "Yojimboed"? There's a lively arguement in the comments.

M-Tron: a Mellotron emulator! Cool!

Instant Gallery makes instant galleries. Nicely done, too.

Marilyn Carolyn came up with a list of five reasons why the iPod shuffle is the ultimate MP3 player, and I agree with most of what she says (although I wouldn't have used the word 'ultimate' myself). The shuffle's lack of screen is a bonus, in my opinion; the extra battery life gained by not having one more than outweighs the benefit of reading artist and title info while listening to songs. It's my music collection, anyway; I know which song is which, I don't need to look at a screen to check.

Rob Manuel, who many years ago built me a web site CMS in exchange for a four-pack of beers and a packet of ciggies, has just gone and got himself a Mac. And rather to his own astonishment, he loves it: "But I'll tell you something about this 'switch' business. Ex-smokers are always the most irritating type of non-smoker. Are ex-PC users the most boring type of Mac user? Er.. I suspect they are, so if you see me knocking about, remind me to shut up about Macs."