[Todd Ditchendorf:XML/XSLT Hacker Heaven] Stop *EVERYTHING* You Are Doing And Visit Todd's Blog!

by M. David Peterson

If it were possible to have TOO MANY XML/XSLT toys (which it's not!), you could EASILY charge Todd Ditchendorf with a crime.

That said, and as suggested -- It *AIN'T POSSIBLE*! (Dear Grammar Nazi(s), BYTE ME! ;) :D )

I'm like a phrickin' kid in a candy story, I tell ya! -- (Dear Grammar Nazi(s), Okay, I promise that was the last one (in this post, anyway.) ;) Much love in this heart of mine for you GN; *MUCH LOVE*! ;) :D )

So back to ditchnet.org candyland,

Exhibit A,


Todd Ditchendorf
2006-11-13 12:11:29
Thanks for the shoutout!
M. David Peterson
2006-11-13 18:05:22
Thanks for the tools! :D
tiffany lamp
2006-12-15 02:03:26
>> The web is a little different in that many can contribute, but in the time scale of things, will digital memory be more or less permanent? I think less. <<

I agree 100%!

>> Games are played and in all games there is an element of chance. Chance favors no prince or pauper. Of such, history is made. <<

I think I have might next quote from you all lined up and ready to go :D

Now I just need something to write about that it relates to

glass products
2007-02-02 02:27:17
AquaXSL is a free Cocoa-based utility for Mac OS X Tiger that serves as a basic XSLT authoring/debugging tool. AquaXSL allows you to select from two XSLT processors: Apple's NSXML (libxslt) or Saxonica's SaxonB.