Total OS X Sign of Good Things to Come?

by Derrick Story

As you know, we're having a great time with Mac OS X around here. It's getting to the point where we ask, "I wonder if it can do this?," then proceed to try.

Lots of folks have noticed our interest in this Unix-based OS. A good example is the team over at Macworld magazine lead by Colin Crawford (CEO) and Rick LePage (editor in chief) who initiated a brainstorming session with us late last year.

Colin said that he wanted to get out of the city and breath some clean country air. We have lots of that here in Sebastopol. The fresh air must have worked its magic because the result of that get-together is on the newsstand shelves now: "Total OS X."

Total OS X is the first cooperative effort between Macworld and O'Reilly. Our goal was to pool our collective knowledge about Apple's new OS and publish a special 13th issue that was unlike anything already on the streets.

The Macworld group got their act together quickly. Rick LePage brought Missy Roback in to manage this mountainous project. Jason Snell brushed up on his Unix chops and was raring to go. We all got together at the Yerba Bunea Starbucks during Macworld SF to map our course.

On our end, I was coordinating editorial content and Cathy Record was handling the logistics. Her heavy lifting resulted in O'Reilly landing some very nice ads in the issue.

I can't speak for Rick, Missy, Jason, and Colin, but from my perspective, I hope this is a sign of good things to come for the Mac community, Macworld, and O'Reilly. We took a first step at inviting the power users and developers to the same party. So far the turnout looks good.

Sure there are some things we would have done differently. And our next effort should be even better. If we can pull off this type of cooperation, the Mac community might finally be able to shed the image of being nothing more than a bunch of GUI sissies. Imagine a community where the artists and the developers interact on the same platform. The Mac could become a real powerhouse in the computing world.

I think there's room for every type of Mac user at this party -- from home power user, to designer, to command line geek. This recent experience with Macworld leads me to believe that I might not be crazy after all.

Let's talk "Total OS X," new Mac user, integration ... you name it.