TPF Calls for Proposals

by Curtis Poe

This call for proposals is delayed because I managed to set up my calendar notification incorrectly. My apologies if this has inconvenienced anyone. Also, after this, I'll be on vacation for a week and a half, so I won't be able to respond right away to grant submissions, but I'll catch up with this when I get back.

If you have an idea for doing some work for the Perl community and you think it's worthy of a grant, please send your grant entry to Submission deadlines is the last day of November, voting starts in December and we will be awarding the grants by the beginning of January. I've fixed my calendar notification and we should be back on schedule after this.

First, please read about how to submit a grant. Read that carefully as grants are often rejected if they don't meet the criteria. For example, if you want to submit improvements to a well-known project but there's no evidence that you have at least tried to work with the maintainers of that project, the grant will likely not be approved. You can also read through our rules of operation for a better idea of thee grant process.